What is Carefree Protect®?

Is a unique product to keep both wood and concrete in optimum condition and to provide long-term protection against weather influences, moisture penetration, UV radiation and temperature changes.

Based on modern nanotechnology, it is water-based and does not contain organic solvents.

Is particularly easy to process without special expertise, time-consuming pre-treatments and special tools.

Provides a moisture-sealing finish to wood and concrete and is also algae, fungus and rust resistant.

Does not have the disadvantages of stains, paints and coatings such as blistering, colour loss and continuous maintenance.

Prevents unsightly lime efflorescence from concrete products.

Has a high penetration capacity, so that the structure of the treated product remains beautifully visible.

Does not require a primer or undercoat and can be applied directly to a clean and dry surface without sanding.

Is easy to apply with a paint roller, brush or low pressure paint sprayer.

Provides a moisture-resistant protective layer which makes cleaning very easy.

Is ideal for the durable protection and embellishment of wooden products such as log cabins, garden screens, fences, pergolas and decking parts.

Is ideally suited for the durable protection and embellishment of concrete and stony products such as garden tiles, concrete paving, concrete fences and concrete roof tiles.

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