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You can use Carefree Protect® excellently on a wooden surface! The wood to be processed must be dry, clean and untreated. No pre-treatment or primer is required.

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Yes, this is perfectly possible. With our product you ensure a beautiful appearance for your concrete products. Our product is also excellent against white limescale deposits on concrete.

We ship all orders via DPD; our partner in the safe shipment of your order.

To ensure that your order can be received safely and undamaged by you, your order is packed in sturdy cardboard boxes and the tins are additionally protected with environmentally friendly filling chips.

We usually process your order on the same or the next working day. You can expect your order at home 2 to 3 working days after your order.

Due to the impermeability of the substrate, Carefree Protect® is not suitable for application on: wet wood, undried wood, already painted or stained wood, wood or concrete with a wax layer, monolith concrete floors, glazed roof tiles, bluestone. Steel and concrete paving with a lot of gravel on the top (such as washed gravel tiles)

With 1 litre of Carefree Protect® you can treat 6 to 8 m2 of surface (depending on the type of surface). With our 2.5 litre cans, this is therefore 15 to 20 m2. Mentioned surfaces are for the application of 1 layer.

Click in the menu on the “Technical advice” tab for all the required information.

No, that is not possible with any product, because all types of wood will eventually age under the influence of weather and sun. However, the UV filter in Carefree Protect® ensures that this natural aging process is significantly slowed down!

We do not recommend this. Teak contains natural oils that do not benefit the adhesion of Carefree Protect®. It is better to use a good teak oil or to let the teak grey naturally.

Concrete or concrete products: 2-3 layers

Wood and wooden log cabins: 3 layers

We recommend to use Carefree Protect® at temperatures above 8 ° C and at a relative humidity below 75%. Processing above 25 ° C and in full sun is not recommended.


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