Technical advice Carefree Protect ®

IMPORTANT: Before use, the can of Carefree Protect® must be carefully stirred for at least 2 minutes with a stir stick (so do not shake the can a little, but stir really well!). This stirring mixes all ingredients and additives well. This is the only way to ensure a homogeneously mixed product that leads to a good end result.

The only thing you have to do as preparatory work is to clean the surface (concrete or wood). Green deposits, moss and loose parts must be removed. This can easily be done with a high-pressure cleaner. After that, no further pre-treatment / primer or otherwise is necessary.

Before applying Carefree Protect®, the surface must be dry.

You apply Carefree Protect® with a paint roller, brush or low-pressure paint sprayer.

With concrete tiles, you can first brush the seam edges between the tiles and immediately afterwards finish the tiles themselves with a roller. Make sure that you always work “wet on wet”, so do not let the treated edges dry, but finish the rest of the tile immediately after the seam edges. This way you get a nice even end result.

Carefree Protect® dries quickly. Depending on the circumstances, the product can be dust-dry within 15 minutes. However, we strongly recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before applying the next coat.

We recommend wearing gloves during application and also wearing mouth protection when spraying.

Consumption: With 1 litre of Carefree Protect® you can treat 6 to 8 m2 of surface (depending on the type of surface). With our 2.5 litre cans, this is therefore 15 to 20 m2. Mentioned surfaces are for the application of 1 coat.

We recommend to use Carefree Protect® at temperatures above 8 ° C and at a relative humidity below 75%.

Do not apply Carefree Protect® in full sun, but preferably in the shade.

You can also use a low-pressure sprayer for application. A cheap electric low-pressure sprayer from the DIY store is well suited for this. No thinning is necessary. If you prefer to dilute something, add a maximum of 5% water.

You can clean used tools with soap and water immediately afterwards.

Due to the impermeability of the substrate, Carefree Protect® is less / not suitable for application on:

  • Wet wood
  • Undried wood
  • Already painted or stained wood
  • Wood or concrete with a wax layer
  • Monolith concrete floors
  • Glazed roof tiles
  • Bluestone
  • Steel

Concrete pavement with a lot of pebble on top (such as washed gravel tiles)

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